Hay guys well i have not been releasing many games of late but i have one now and today we have another great tower defense game out called colliding fronts.

World 2 based with 10 levels

The tower defense game is not a really easy and get harder and harder.

all been hand done artwork and epic hellmarch music

You can play it here and enjoy


Colling Fronts released EPIC World War tower defense game

Modern Tactics 4 Released

2011-03-07 13:20:58 by XweaselX


Modern 4 Tactics Released after 2 years of waiting its finally ready go check it out.

Tank Attack

2010-09-30 19:55:57 by XweaselX

Hi ya guys

New game made


balanced Tank game with lots of upgrade and extra stuff check it out and give me a 5 :)

Tower Blast New Game TODAY!!

2010-09-13 12:28:31 by XweaselX

Hi ya guys

New game today

Tower Blast

you can check out the game here


You start with a basic Cannon and your objective is simple to destroy the enemies castle.
you have unlimited cannon balls and as much time as you want to shoot. You gain extra bonues in game for destroying enmies cannon and flags.

check it out today

Tower Blast New Game TODAY!!

New website Badge Games

2010-05-04 20:07:12 by XweaselX

HI guys would love you all to check out my new website

Will be holding competions very soon see keep your eyes peeled

www.badgegames.com Click here

Check out this vid my friend made

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See you on badgegames.com

Btw on ya profile please be sure to add ya newgrounds link

New website Badge Games

Create Your Own TD 2

2009-06-04 10:24:13 by XweaselX

Hi guys Create your own TD 2

has been added to newgrounds.

build your own own TD is great and also you can play other poeple maps aswell.

can you build them great maps

email me to get you8r map fetured.